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Elect H. Mouse State Judge Book Review!

Nelly Reifler's Elect H. Mouse State Judge is an absolute delight. The novel follows H. Mouse as his daughters are kidnapped on the eve of his election. Mr. Mouse cannot go to the police, so he summons Detectives Barbie and Ken. Yes, the dolls. The world of Elect H. Mouse State Judge is one in which toys are sentient and animals are intelligent. Humans as we know them are conspicuously absent. This results in a setting of imagination and intrigue that, even without the gripping plot, will keep readers turning the pages.

The Sunshine Family dolls are religious fanatics and the mice’s kidnappers.They strive to convert the girls to worship a force known as The Power. Meanwhile, Barbie and Ken follow the clues that will lead them to the girls, if they can rescue them in time. What makes Elect H. Mouse State Judge especially striking is that its grittiness is never gratuitous. Even Barbie and Ken’s sex scenes are relevant to the plot and the characters. Every detail in the novel tells its own story. It is a fascinating world and story, and one I would highly recommend!

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