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Emma Beaumont Spoiler-free Character Profile

Basic Statistics Name: Emma Beaumont

Birth date: 6/30/2041 Age: 23, turns 24 over the course of the story Nationality: American, ¼ French Hometown: New Haven Current residence: East side of Manhattan Occupation: model, aspiring artist

Role: protagonist

Physical Characteristics Height: 5’9” Eye color: blue Hair color: auburn Skin color: fair

Disabilities: Dyscalculia Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes Educational background: high school diploma

I.Q.: 90

Myers-Briggs personality type: ENTJ Goals: enjoy life with her fiancé; challenge the corruption and moral bankruptcy her society permits

Talents: drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, and most other visual arts.

Weaknesses: all forms of math (due to her Dyscalculia), chemistry, physics, and every other non-social science. Also struggles with cooking, fitting in with her society, and controlling her emotions.

Relationship skills: caring, attentive, good listener Greatest flaw: terrible liar Personality traits: creative, emotional, self-deprecating, open-minded, optimistic, kind, friendly, innocent, insecure, plucky

Likes: art, children, reading

Dislikes: bullying, narrow-mindedness, spicy food Other:

  • She’s left-handed.

  • Is more of a cat person than a dog person, but is still fond of them.

  • Her favorite drink is strawberry-lemonade vodka.

  • She gets along well with kids and wants to have some one day.

  • She was the one who proposed to her fiancé.

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