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Knightley Green Spoiler-Free Character Profile!

Basic Statistics Name: Knightley Green

Birth date: 11/1/2038 Age: 27 Nationality: American, ¼ Spanish on his mother's side Hometown: Trenton, New Jersey Current residence: East side of Manhattan with his fiancée, Emma Beaumont (protagonist) Occupation: chemical engineer

Role: love interest

Physical Characteristics Height: 6'0" Eye color: hazel Hair color: brown Skin color: olive

Distinguishing features: severely scarred face Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes Educational background: B.S. in Chemistry, Master’s in Bio-Chemistry

I.Q.: 123

Myers-Briggs personality type: INFJ Goals: protect Emma from his past demons; come to terms with said demons; enjoy life with his fiancée.

Talents/Skills: math, most sciences, cooking, problem solving/test taking

Weaknesses: writing, most visual arts, struggles with self-confidence, blames himself for other people's actions

Relationship skills: caring, attentive, good listener Greatest flaw: his insecurity

Best quality: his compassion Personality traits: funny, analytical, self-deprecating, sensitive, thoughtful, jaded, kind, cynical.

Likes: reading, creative arts, humor, cats

Dislikes: violence, disrespect, making small talk with strangers Other:

  • Haruki Murakami is his favorite writer.

  • His parents are big Jane Austen fans and decided to name him after the character of George Knightley.

  • He's an only child.

  • He loves Greek myths.

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