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My Murder Mystery Characters

Jerome Cabot—Went missing Saturday night and found dead in Hecate Woods Sunday. Former quarterback. Popular with most students but not some of our narrators. Lived in the same apartment building as Dominick and Alice.

Dominick Turner—Lover of cryptids who adamantly believes in and respects the supernatural. Suspects supernatural forces were involved in Jerome’s death, and that the town as a whole is under a curse. On the football team. Hated Jerome. Is best friends with his mom and has a rocky relationship with his deadbeat dad.

Victoria Summers—In love with Serena McCoy. Likes makeup and films and literature. Named after Posh Spice. Comes from a very well-off family. Does not mourn Jerome’s death. Forgetful.

Adrienne Mantle— A mystery.

Paige Turner—Mother of Dominick Turner and wife of Tom Turner. Works long hours as a chef at the Scarlet Rose Diner. Loves her son, Gothic romance and mystery novels and cooking. Tolerates her husband. Regularly steals food supplies from work to feed her family.

Alice Baker—The girl next door. Waitresses part time at the Scarlet Rose Diner to help support her family. Adopted from China as an infant. Has an adopted sister—also from China—two years younger than her named Dorothy. On the cheerleading squad.

Serena McCoy—Moved to Willow Creek last June, best friends with Victoria Summers. A kind girl who detests bullying and loves books and movies and gardening . Worked at the Scarlet Rose Diner during the summer.

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